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UPDATE 2/1/19


You did it! Thanks to our donors, we exceeded our $8,000 goal of providing a WILD MIGRATIONS atlas to every middle school, high school, and public library in the great state of Wyoming. And with the help of an anonymous donor, we raised a total of $11,650 toward our stretch goal to provide five classrooms with sets of books. We'll be working with several teachers across the state to develop curriculum around migrations. Thanks everyone for making this campaign a success!

Special thanks go to:
  • Muley Fanatic Foundation, Southwest Wyoming Chapter
  • Muley Fanatic Foundation
  • Back Country Horsemen of America
  • University of Wyoming Foundation
Our "Campaign Heroes" include Richard Guenzel, Williamson Bradford, Kathy Abarr, SOS Well Services from Labarge, WY, and Muley Fanatic Foundation - Southwest Wyoming Chapter, and of course the anonymous donor.

See all 102 contributors here:…


Help us provide a copy of the atlas to every middle school, high school, and public library in Wyoming!

The Wild Migrations atlas is a book for Wyoming people, young and old. It’s been very well-received across the state. Readers tell us they particularly appreciate its insights that reveal the lives of Wyoming’s big game and the epic journeys they make across our rugged landscapes.

Wyoming still has world-class migrations for all the native ungulate species that were here before statehood. This book shows how science and stewardship can help maintain the migration corridors and wildlife that are so important to our state’s culture.

Now we need your help.

With your support, we can share this treasure trove of information about how migration is part of Wyoming's culture with the next generation of Wyoming citizens!

We aim to put a copy of this atlas in every public middle school and high school, and every public library, in Wyoming!

We’ll share nearly 170 books with Wyoming middle schools and high schools, along with another nearly 80 public libraries (see the full list here). Doing so will help young Wyomingites gain a better understanding of the migratory ungulates and corridors in our midst. Help us meet this goal by supporting the project before December 31!

YES! I want to send an atlas to my hometown school or library. How do I donate?

You can make your secure, tax-deductible contribution through the University of Wyoming Foundation YouFund platform.

This is a personal way to share the science of migration in your community.

When you make your donation, include a comment about where you want the book sent. We’ll make sure to it gets to your hometown (or a nearby town if your first choice is already spoken for).

The initial goal for this campaign is $8,000.

The publisher, Oregon State University Press, is working with us to provide a 45% discount off the list price. For 250 books at $27.50 per book, plus about $4.50 each in shipping costs, this project will require about $8,000.

If we meet the goal of $8,000 for the schools and libraries, our stretch goal is to work closely with ten classrooms! With those teachers, we’ll develop curriculum and teaching ideas that will be shared statewide. Participating classrooms, to be selected by an application process, will receive a full set (24 copies) of Wild Migrations. That will make our stretch goal another $7,680.

We’ll put your name on an Honor Roll as a thank you.

For all those who contribute, we’ll put your name on the website in a roll of honor. A label will also be included in every book to recognize all the campaign donors. And you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that this book of migration stories will be capturing the interest of young people in schools across Wyoming.

We already know that wildlife populations and migration corridors are an important issue for a majority of people in Wyoming. Putting this book into young hands will help spread awareness of this important ecological phenomenon that helps makes Wyoming what it is. Lock in your contribution here.

Whether or not you’re able to make a donation, we thank you for your interest in Wyoming’s big-game migrations, and wish you a happy 2019.

Thank you for considering,

Wyoming Migration Initiative Staff

What YOUR Donation Makes Possible:

We welcome donations of all sizes.
  • $32.00 = 1 book and shipping for a school or library
  • $64.00 = 2 books and shipping for schools or libraries
  • $128.00 = 4 books and shipping for schools or libraries
  • $256.00 = 8 books and shipping for schools or libraries<
  • $512.00 = 16 books and shipping for schools or libraries
  • $768.00 = a full set and shipping for one classroom (24 copies)
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Excerpts from the Atlas