Policy Document Overview

The gists of the Copyright, Software License, Privacy Policy, and Database Terms and Conditions are provided for convenience only; use of this website, the Database and Data Viewer is governed by the full text of these documents, which are linked below.

Database Terms and Conditions Data Viewer is provided AS-IS with no warranty or obligation for service, maintenance, or support. The Project Data are made available according to the Data Owner Agreement. Raw GPS data are not available for download via the Database or Data Viewer. July 8, 2016
Privacy Policy We will not share your personally identifying information with third parties, except as may be required by law. Details of use may be reported in aggregate. July 25, 2016
Software License The Data Viewer software is released under the GPL v3.0. July 8, 2016
Copyright The Database and Data Viewer are © 2015, 2016 by the University of Wyoming. Copyright to the Project Data and Reference Data is held by the data owner(s). June 12, 2016