Animal Trails: Rediscovering Grand Teton Migrations is a new wildlife documentary chronicling the large mammal migrations of Grand Teton National Park that released online November 8, 2023, showing how the park is biologically and culturally connected to distant habitats in Idaho and Wyoming. Learn more about the film here–>

Advancing the understanding, appreciation, and conservation of Wyoming’s migratory ungulates by conducting innovative research and sharing scientific information through public outreach.

My Wild Land

3 ranches, 3 films, 3 inspiring stories

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Wild Migrations: Atlas of Wyoming’s Ungulates

Follow the story of ungulates migrating through Wyoming through groundbreaking science and cartography. MORE »

Migrating deer walking across a river with mountains in the background

New maps reveal western migration routes

For the first time, state & federal biologists have produced 40+ maps and a migration viewer across the West. MORE »

Deer walking in a field

Red Desert to Hoback Migration Assessment

Our assessment provides a detailed account of the longest mule deer migration ever recorded. MORE »

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In 2012, the longest mule deer migration ever recorded was discovered in the Red Desert, where thousands of deer migrate 150 miles to summer ranges in the mountains of northwest Wyoming. MORE »

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“My Wild Land” Films win first place

The My Wild Land film series about the migration conservation efforts of three Wyoming ranches was selected as the First Place Winner by Two Percent for Conservation’s 2023 Conservation Media Awards!…

“Snowy Dozen Deer” Video Gets 24 Million Views

Tanner Warder, an undergraduate field technician, captured a video of migrating mule deer that went viral. It racked up 24 million views on social media and reached a global audience…

Washington Post Creates Interactive Feature on Big Game Migrations and Interstate-80

Wyoming’s research on the effects of I-80 on wildlife movements was recently featured in the Washington Post. The interactive feature draws from many data sets collected by dozens of studies…

Yellowstone Bison Green Wave Study Gets National Attention

Bison don’t just follow the green wave of forage during migration, they actually manipulate it so springtime plant conditions last longer. WMI scientists Jerod Merkle and Matt Kauffman participated in…

Deer and Elk Research Project Meetings on Wind River Reservation April 8-9

A mule deer doe that winters in the Owl Creek Mountains migrates 100 miles west to summer in the Gros Ventre Range, according to initial findings of a study that…

UW Study on Big-Game Migration Wins National Honor

Big-game migration research led by a recent University of Wyoming Ph.D. graduate has received national recognition from the Ecological Society of America. The research provided the first empirical evidence that…

UW Study: Migrating Mule Deer Don’t Need Directions

How do big-game animals know where to migrate across hundreds of miles of vast Wyoming landscapes year after year? Among scientists, there are two camps of thought. First is that…

First-ever atlas of big-game migrations highlights UWyo research

The first-ever atlas of ungulate migration was released in October 2018, detailing the ecology and conservation of migratory big-game species including mule deer, elk and pronghorn in Wyoming, the greater…

WyoFile: Migration atlas offers roadmap for conservation

“Wild Migrations, Atlas of Wyoming’s Ungulates,” published last month, presents 70 compelling migration stories from one of the most studied ecosystems on earth and offers a first-of-its-kind resource for wildlife…

Study reveals big game animals must learn to migrate and pass knowledge across generations

A team of scientists at the University of Wyoming has provided the first empirical evidence that ungulates (hooved mammals) must learn where and when to migrate, and that they maintain…

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I brake for migration” stickers remind motorists that migratory big game animals cross Wyoming’s highways as well as our mountains and plains.

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