Wild Migrations: Atlas of Wyoming’s Ungulates

“Embedded in the wildlife are their migrations, more complex and variable, more deeply inserted into their lives, than most of us ever realized.”
—from the foreword by Annie Proulx

The second printing of Wild Migrations is available for online ordering! Order on the Oregon State University Press website or by calling 1-800-621-2736.

Read on for details about how to get your copies, what’s in the atlas, what it took to make it, and where you can find excerpts.

What’s in Wild Migrations?

We were fortunate that novelist Annie Proulx, a long-time observer of Wyoming’s landscapes, agreed to write the foreword to the book. She invites atlas readers to see Wyoming through the eyes of ungulates, and we’re humbled by her glowing assessment of Wild Migrations.

In total, the atlas covers more than 70 topics including:

  • Global migration ecology
  • Wyoming’s ungulates
  • Archaeology and history of Wyoming migrations
  • Current status of migratory game in Wyoming
  • Challenges to migration, including energy development and highways
  • Corridor conservation
  • Wildlife crossing structures

Wild Migrations was published by Oregon State University Press. It is richly-illustrated with maps, photos, and art. This beautiful, large-format book represents five years of work by our team. It shipped in October 2018, and the second printing was released in January 2021.

Wild Migrations Back Story

Creating this book has been a collaborative journey. Starting in 2012, Wyoming Migration Initiative director Matt Kauffman reached out to the University of Oregon Geography Department and began developing this book. Oregon’s InfoGraphics Lab cartographers Jim Meacham and Alethea Steingisser and their team are national leaders in their field, known for producing the landmark Atlas of Yellowstone.

At the University of Wyoming, the atlas authors include WMI cofounders and biologists Bill Rudd, Hall Sawyer, and Matt Kauffman. The text editor is Emilene Ostlind, editor of Western Confluence magazine for UWyo’s Haub School of Environment and Natural Resources.

Order your copy from Oregon State Press today by clicking this link.

Want a peek?

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