Educator Resources

In response to ongoing requests from K-12 teachers and teacher professional development groups at the University of Wyoming, the WMI team has offered numerous workshops and resources for educational use. Now, we putting these resources online. Our goal is to empower teachers by making WMI's expertise and public-facing educational materials accessible.

Migration Viewer
Migration Viewer


Wild Migrations Atlas:

The Wild Migrations atlas is a book for Wyoming people, young and old, and there is a copy of it in every community library and middle and high school library in Wyoming. We invite teachers to tap the book for examples of how science and stewardship can help maintain the migration corridors and wildlife that are so important to our state’s culture. We are currently in the process of developing teacher guides to specific content in the atlas. If you are a teacher and would like to collaborate with us on this process, please contact us at View atlas >

Migration Viewer:

This database enables teachers and students to explore the migrations of Wyoming's big game ungulates through a free, map-based interface. In 2018, we developed the as an online platform for managers and the public to view, interact with, and review migration corridors with maps of public lands, habitat type, roads, etc. Migrations from additional states may be added in the future. Explore viewer >


Educational Videos + Photos:

Our research scientists have created a series of videos sharing migration science. These materials share the stories of wildlife encountering Interstate 80, the longest mule deer migration in the world (Deer 255), elk migration in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, cultural history of migrations, and more. View videos + photos >

Research Summaries:

Accessible summaries of research publications by WMI scientists can be used as an introduction to the publications themselves or part of reading assignments connecting research with other learning resources. Explore research >